Mushroom growth of Pseudo Journalists brings bad name to the Noble Profession Concerned Authorities need to act to nip this menace in its bud...

Mushroom growth of Pseudo Journalists brings bad name to the Noble Profession    Concerned Authorities need to act to nip this menace in its bud...



Mushroom growth of Pseudo Journalists brings bad name to the Noble Profession


Concerned Authorities need to act to nip this menace in its bud...



From Editors Desk...



          Todays Editorial is the outcome of unethical media practices which we face quite frequently after the evolution of Social media. Every Tom Dik and Harry has become a journalist and is leaving no stone unturned to bring bad name to this otherwise serious and noble profession. In a vibrant democracy Media is considered to be the fourth estate or pillar of the democratic setup which acts as a catalyst to give shape to government policies and the Socio-Political and administrative setup of the country. It acts as a critique to guide government policies towards a Positive direction. So as to contribute in the Positive growth of a democratic nation. However the contemporary scenario is putting across a dissmall picture of the otherwise sensitive profession. Mushroom growth of social media channels without any know-how of basics of media ethics and professional qualifications or expertise is proving cancerous.

            Just today some heart wrenching visuals were doing rounds on Social media platforms about a little girl killed in a leopard attack in Ganderbal. Posting and then sharing of such visuals has become a fashion statement like thing for these pseudo journalists and bloggers. Unaware about A B C of journalism these so-called media persons are tarnishing the image of whole media Community across J&K. 

            In a mad race towards increasing the subscribers on Social media platforms they can go to any extent in unethical reportage. In majority of the cases these Pseudo Journalists are acting as black mailers in various forms. Height of the things is that even the major and popular media houses have the ground staff working with them without any Salery. They are in a way forced or willingly managing their earnings by neferious means. 

          Here the authorities have a role to play to put this all important house in order. Which they have rather started to do. Recently Authorities issued advisory for media while reporting the suicide cases in the valley, 

            Senior journalists attribute the unethical reportage on suicides and domestic violence due to the encroachment of social media into the mainstream journalism. Mainstream media and social media has sort of amalgamated. Anyone with a Facebook page, a smart phone and a logo is reporting senselessly on any sensitive issues without any journalistic ethics.


         Pertinently there are set guidelines from Press Council of India (PCI) for reporting on any serious or sensitive issue like suicides, domestic violence cases, matrimonial issues, murders, Religious or Cultural issues. In case of minor there are Juvenile courts. A professional journalist understands the limits while reporting on all these subjects, but unfortunately names and photos are made viral, identities are disclosed, which is completely an unethical journalism practice.


        Professionally speaking any sensitive stuff goes through many professional filters before it gets published but with the many social media platforms, they hardly know these guidelines or study them. Reason for this menace is the absense of any accountability mechanism bin place.


Impartial observers of the scene are of the openion that the media houses should take up the issue with the DIPR and the Government, not to encourage the people who resort to unethical journalism, and bring a bad name to the noble profession.


According to the guidelines issued by the Press Council of India (PCI), newspapers and news agencies must not place stories about any sensitive issue prominently and unduly repeat such stories. The newspapers or news agencies must not use language which sensationalises or normalises suicide, or presents it as a constructive solution to problem. They must not use sensational headlines and must not use photographs, video footage which can hurt the sentiments on ground.


  Need of the hour is for the authorities to act, the concerned nodal agencies should check on the people who are not even remotely associated with the journalism profession and are misusing the social media platforms for their vested interests. As these pseudo journalists are not only defaming the noble profession but also hammering a big dent on the reputation of journalism as a profession.



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