Drug Menace eating into Vitals of our Society

Drug Menace eating into Vitals of our Society



           Drug abuse has started eating into the vitals of our society. Kashmir which was once alien to any such crime is comming up as the capital of this mafia. Every day we get the news about huge cashe recovered and various modules busted. Although Police seems to be doing its best, however blacksh sheeps Continue to play the spoilspot.

           Local politicians who have so far preferred to remain silent over this all important subject have also come up to speak against drug abuse. However height of the things being that they do so to score mearly the political points over the rival political parties. 

          BJP spokesperson Darakshan Indrabi in recent past issued a statement against the drug abuse and expressed deep concern over this all important issue. By and by Indrabi tried to score political points by accusing the former political regimes of preferring criminal Silence against this what she termed as much dangerous Virus than Covid -19. She also accused the rival political parties of being responsible for letting this crime flourish in front of their eyes.  

             Pertinent to mention here is that Police's revealeations day in and day out are an eye opener as they revealed " the militancy connection to the drug mafia", as claimed by J&K Police. SSP Kupwara claimed that this huge cashe of heroine recovered so far has a market value of about 120 Crore and also claimed that this money is being used for militancy related activities in J&K.

           Whatever may be the motive behind the scene however one thing which forced me to chose this all important subject as today's Editorial of Headlines Today is that the future of our youth is at stake in wake of this flourishing drug abuse or narco-modules, a small part of which is being busted every next day

           Such a Sharp rise in the drug abuse cases is being witnessed across J&K which is definitely a thing to be worried about. Day in and day out huge consignments of drugs of various types are being caught and people, mostly youth are nabbed by the police for drug trafficking.

    Seemingly the drug trafficking has attained a form of a proper trade without licence. The revelations suggest that about 25 percent of youth have been engulfed by this menace. Thus the Future generation is at the verge of getting spoiled at the hands of the drug mafia. Every week we get the news about huge cashe of Codine phosphate being recovered from somewhere in the Valley.

           More than three decades of Sustained conflict in Kashmir valley has traumatized the people shows dangerous fallout as tens of thousands of youth in Valley are involved in different kinds of drug abuse. Every day the police bulletins are a buzz with news of Notorious drug peddlers being nabbed and huge hauls of drugs being recovered from their possession.

          In Kashmir Valley alone the aftermath the of conflict is depressing as well as dangerous for the society. Mass destruction of life and property, and overwhelming fear and uncertainty during the past many years of disturbance has taken heavy psychological toll- being manifested in terms of rampant drug abuse among youth.

        A recent study conducted by a local NGO in Srinagar revealed substantial increase in the number of patients diagnosed as drug abusers during last 10 years. Valley’s leading psychiatrists giving the background of the menace are of the opinion that over the past decade Kashmiri youth are highly traumatised and to relieve of the stress they often take drugs .Psychological problems are in the back ground. The use of various drugs has increased tremendously during these years of traumatic violence. The Study shows that the society at large is in deep slumber and needs to wake up and every member has a role to play to put this mess in order otherwise it is bound to spell the disaster.

    Another shocking revelations was made by a local and only de-addiction center in entire Valley through its recent survey carried out in different educational institutions and in the area believed to be vulnerable to the drug addiction . The authorities and law enforcing agencies silence on this lethal menace have further aggravated the condition . No accountability and restriction on the sale of these drugs in the market has made them easily accessible to abusers and addicts . Abuse of drugs like codein and other medicinal opioids have reached epidemic proportions in the valley.

 There should be restriction on the sale of these drugs . To the utter surprise in J&K drug Act hasn’t been implemented yet .Govt. and society has to wake up otherwise it would be too late. The ongoing turbulence has given rise to gruesome and unrelenting situation in this conflict ridden state once known for its rich and civilized social ethos now grappling with moral degradation.

    Let peace prevail in my Vale which is at the verge of moral death, is the refrain of the people who rue over the loss of traditions of Kashmir which was once known for Sufi culture the characteristic of which is the purity of the society. Sooner the better holds good here too to put our house in order in which everyone has a role to play.


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