J&K Police form women safety squad in Srinagar


J&K Police form women safety squad in Srinagar

Srinagar, Feb 21: Police have formed a women safety squad in Srinagar city to help women in distress. The main purpose of the squad will be to ensure the security of girls, especially around schools, colleges, universities, coaching centres, and other places.

The Jammu and Kashmir Police say having a woman safety squad in the Srinagar city will make the women feel much safer. The girls who were being harassed outside coaching centres or colleges will stop now as the females now have a dedicated squad they can report to if the need arises.

''I am extremely happy that this step has been taken in Srinagar city. There was a need for this, to have a women safety squad that will be dedicated to the security of women in the city. Since offline classes have been started, coaching centres, schools, and colleges are opening and a lot of people have asked us that the girls are being harassed at several places, and with the recent acid attack in Srinagar, we took this step. The sole purpose of the squad is to make the females in the city feel safer,'' said Sujit Kumar, DIG Srinagar.

The women squad would be patrolling all over the city during the day, especially around the educational institutions. The heads of the Institutions have been asked to contact the squad if any incident takes place outside their centres. This step has been taken after a recent acid attack took place in Srinagar city. The Jammu and Kashmir Police felt that there is a need for having a dedicated squad for the females of the city.

''The Jammu and Kashmir Police has taken a great step by having this special women safety squad in the city for the security of women. After the recent acid attack in Srinagar city, Police felt there is a need for this. We have been deputed here at two spots outside the coaching centres in Hyderpora and I am in charge of it. We have sufficient vehicles and female squads to make sure the girls feel safer. The girls are feeling much safer and are happy that we have started patrolling,'' said a lady police officer.

The step has been appreciated by everyone in the city, especially the girl students. They felt there was a need for having a special female squad outside the educational institutions. Women feel it easier to report a crime if the Police officers are females too.


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