‘The Kashmir Files’ sows distrust among masses,

claims JKSA Says Kashmiri students can be targeted

‘The Kashmir Files’ sows distrust among masses,


New Delhi: Bollywood film ‘The Kashmir Files’ has received rave reviews and responses from movie critics and politicians but there are many who criticized the movie.

Now, an organization of Kashmiri students has termed public reactions while screening of the movie as “disturbing” and said that it could lead to targeting of students of a particular community especially those from Jammu and Kashmir studying in different parts of the country.

Disturbing video clips emerging from different theatres screening the movie could lead to targeting of students from Jammu and Kashmir, J&K Students Association said.

Spokesman of J&K Students Association Nasir Khuehami has said that the onus of any unprovoked attempt of hate, physical, verbal abuse aimed at students from the Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir will be on Vivek Agnihotri – the director of the film.

He also claimed that attempts are being made on social media in the wake of the release of the movie to build an atmosphere of distrust and discord.

The association unequivocally condemns such attempts, he added.

“JKSA requests all concerned citizens to spread the message of peace, disown unfortunate attempts of propagation of hate and at large, ensure safety and security of Kashmiri students studying in different parts of the country,” the statement read.

JKSA further condemned the attempts of distrust and discord that ‘The Kashmir Files’ has sown amongst masses which otherwise were peacefully coexisting nurturing the idea of “unity in diversity” and “sab ka Saath, sab ka Vikas, sabka Vishwas” at large.

Earlier today, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leader Mehbooba Mufti came down heavily on the Union government for promoting ‘The Kashmir Files’ and accusing it of “weaponizing the pain of Kashmiri Pandits.”


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