Bengaluru police denies reports claiming 'profiling' of Kashmiri students


Bengaluru: The Bangaluru Police have denied reports of profiling of Kashmiri students in the city. In a tweet, Bengaluru City Police Commissioner Kamal Pant said the police department stands with students studying in Bengaluru irrespective of their state of origin.

"Bengaluru City Police categorically denies allegations of profiling students of Jammu and Kashmir, we wish to reassure the students studying in Bengaluru that @BlrCityPolice stands with them for their safety and security, irrespective of their state of origin," Kamal Pant said.

The clarification by Bengaluru Police came after certain local media reports claimed that police were asking colleges in Karnataka to submit names, contact numbers, and addresses of Kashmiri students studying in various institutions. According to a report in the Times of India, J&K Students' Association, a body of Kashmiri students had, on February 8, claimed that several colleges across Bengaluru were asked to collect personal information of Kashmiri students. 

A college official, however, said the details were sought not just from Kashmiri students, but from all students for NAAC evaluation. 

Praveen Sood, DG, and IGP, also denied the claims and said that if any officer was doing such an act, it was inappropriate. 

The development comes amid an ongoing row over hijab in Karnataka. Clashes broke out at several places across the state last week after students at certain colleges were barred from attending lectures for wearing hijab. 

The Karnataka High Court will continue its hearing today on a number of petitions challenging the ban on hijabs (headscarves) in educational institutes.


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