" Panun Dod Panin Dug" (My Pain:My Affliction)"

Dr Rafiq Masodi's Book Translated by noted Rajasthani writer Sudha Saraswat

IMG-20240526-WA0162MS. Sudha Sarswat, a young award winning poetess from Rajasthan has translated Former Secretary Culture Academy Dr. Rafeeq Masoodi Sahib's collection of kashmiri collection of verses  *" Panun Dod Panin Dug"*(My Pain:My Affliction)* which was released in 2012. The book has already been translated into many languages including English from its original version of Kashmiri. 
   A close acquaintance of veteran poet and sterling broadcaster Dr Rafeeq Masoodi Sahib, commented  from Jaipur that Sudha Sarswat has beautifully translated, *"Panun Dod Panin Dug"* which will soon be released by the Hon'ble Vice Chancellor of Bikaner University of Rajasthan . Ms.Sudha who writes in English and Hindi besides her mother tongue Rajasthani, has to a great extent done justice with entire subject of the book. University  had extended invotation to Dr Rafeeq Masoodi  also participate in the book Launch  ceremony but due to some prior commitments & hot wester , Dr.Masoodi has thanked the organisers & showed his inability to atend the cermony;however, he has assured her to attend the said ceremony through virtual mode. 
 Rajasthani language experts writers, poet and scholars have praised this endeavour of Sudha Sarswat and are of the opinion that she has maintained the originality of the book in her translation which infact is transcreation of the idiom
*"Rafeeq bhai babut bahut mubarak,Rajasthani bhasha mein jis khubsurti se Sudhaji ne aap ki Kavita *ZE' DOH* ka translation kiya hai la jawab hai.Jitni khubsurati  se aapne HAZRAT MOHAMMED ( PEACE BE UPON HIM) Ki Masjid mein ziyarat karne se pehle apni Maa ke kahe Shabdoon aur apne Maan key dwannd ko peesh kiya hai utni hi maharat se rajastani kee alamaton mein peroo  ke  unhooney is Kavita mein Chaar Chand laga diye hein...;* wrote Dr.Masoodi's kashmiri 
 origin friend,broadcaster  & film maker 
Anand sayal from 
Jaipur, who has been living & settled in jaipur for 4 decades now.
"A good &;rare omen for kashmiri language  & literature" says leading poet & trendsetter of Kashmir Shahnaz Rasheed.


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