Qazi Kashmir, Haji Muhammad Murad Bukhari, (AR), : A brief Introduction

Qazi Kashmir, Haji Muhammad Murad Bukhari, (AR), : A brief Introduction




        It is an acclaimed historical fact that Islam spread across the globe by the dint of spritual calibre of these great men. Islam enlightened Kashmir valley too by the great Islamic missioneries like Ameer e Kabeer Mir Syed Ali Hamdani (RA). 

        Hazrat Haji Syed Muhammad Murad Bukhari ,Qazi Kashmir ,is the Patron saint of Kashmir whose contribution to spread of Islam in 8th century Hijri can not be over emphasized by the time lapse of more than 579 years. His main area of activity has remaind in the presant day Beeru,Bangil & kruhin area of North west kashmir. He had equally masterd both spheres of Sufi life,i,e Shariat & Tareeqat. It is here his salutation of Qazi kashmir comes out as he was Chief Justice of Islamic court during the time of of famous king Sultan Zainul Abideen,Badshah.It is recorded that the king himself visited kreeri to invite him to srinagar but Hazrat refused to go,& preferred to continue his Ialamic Missionary work from kreeri.

That is the reason that Nimazei Juma was started at kreeri under the Kings Order,first outside the capital city of Srinagar.His abode at kreeri has been a great sought after by Awliyie Kamileen of Kashmir who followed him, Prominant among was Hz Sultan,Makhdoom sb AR, who would visit the shrine,barefooted from distance. Hz Baba Payamudin Reshi AR has been his desciple for 12 years before He was settled at his presant place,then a dense jungle called " Ranboh".In fact Jenab Haji Murad Sb AR has himself accompanied Baba Reshi sb AR to his place & settled him there, about which many folk stories are known in our area. He was born at Iskanderpora in the year 780 Hijri calander and left for heavenly abode in the year 861 Hijri .The annual urs of Hazrat Haji Syed Mohammad Murad Bukhari (RA) is being observed every year on 17 th Dhul Hijja. The descendents of Haji Syed Muhammad Murad Bukhari AR have mainly migrated to all patrs of British India in the question to serve Islam. His lineage have a number of high ranked Awaliya Ulema,who have guided people to the righteous pathe in last about 6 centuries.Hz Mir Hamzatul Bukhari,Hz Syed Yusuf, Hz Mir syed Maqsood, ,syed Hussain wasif, Mir Sanaullah,syed Amir shah,Moulana S Anayatullah Bukhari, Mir Sued Hussain,Syed Attaullah shah Bukhari,Mufti Syed ziaul haq Bukhari,Mufasir Quran in Kashmiri language,khamosh Kreeri,Syed Ali Govhar Bukhari, Syed Sharifundin Bukhari, Prof S Rafiudin Bukhari,Syed saadin, saadi, Late Syed Shujat Bukhari & scores of famous Poets Historians,Ulema,Mashayik, Teachers, Preachers ,administrirs & Journalists. ,Hazrat Haji Syed Mohammad Murad Bukhari (RA) was son of Hz Syed Fakharudin Bukhari (RA) whose tomb is in the historical Budshah tomb in old Srinagar city. Hazrat Syed Fakharudin Bukhari (RA) was the youngest son of Hazrati Syed Aloudin Bukhari (R.A) who was son of Hz Syed Jalal Ud Din Jahangasht Bukhari ( whose tomb is at Ucha Multan) who came from BUKHARA , presant day capital of Uzbekistan.HSM Murad Bukhari AH,had four sons- Syed Mir Sa’eed Bukhari, Syed Abu Saeed Bukhari, Syed Noor Syed Bukhari and Syed Haider (R.A).

He got his early education from his uncle Syed Ziya ud Din Zeerak (Kandhami) and grand father. His grandfather Hazrat Syed Allo ud Din Bukhari (RA) decided to send him for further education to Iraq . During his travel Hazrat Haji Syed Mohammad Murad Bukhari (RA) met Shaikh Ishaq Rumi ,AR .It is said that Shaikh Ishaq Rumi Shattari got surprised to see Hazrat Haji Syed Mohammad Murad Bukhari (RA) in his home and told him “Oh my son I saw Shaikh Syed Abdul Qadir Jeelani (RA) in my dream and he said to me " oh ishaq rumi tommorow my son is comming to you, tell him to make allegiance with you .After making allegiance with shaikh Ishaq Rumi AR he became the successor for shatariya silsila . 

He also graduated in knowledge of Islamic jurisprudence in Iraq.Shk Ishaqi Rumi gave him the flag ( Alam Sharif) which is said to have carried in Jangi Bader by Sahaba RA. This Alam Sharif is preseved & and is being taken out on special occasions besides Eidain. Hazrat Syed Haji Mohammad Murad Bukhari (RA) left for hajj and on the way to hajj in Khwarizim, Iran,he met SHAIYKH ABDULLAH BARZISH AABADi who was the khalifa Kubravi order founder by Hz Mohammad Najmuddin Kubra AR who taught him knowledge of Hidith. It may be pertinent to mention that Hz Shahi Hamdan AR was also of the Kubravi order. Hz SHM Murad Bukhari AR has also carried out islamic mission in the presant day Syria & Iraq. Hazrat Haji Muhammad Muraad Bukhari AR is reported to have performed 7 Hajh Pilgrimages to Makhak and have spent a considerable time in the city of Madinah. 

Hazrat Haji Syed Mohammad Bukhari ARs tomb was first built by the order of Shahmeeri kings who were ruling at the time of his wisal in 861 AH.Since then the shrine has been renovated from time to time, as per the need ,by Bukhari sadat of kreeri. 

Since 1976 the management of the shrine was handed over to Muslim Awkaf Trust, now Wakf Board.Prof Rafudin Bukhari is heading the local advisory Committee of Awkaf comprising of 6 members, one each from 6 , Novabats Of Wursa of ziarate sharif as per the local convention. 

A number of scholars have reported the complete history of the life, teachings and other achievements & Karamat of HSM Murad Bukhari AR. It has found mentioned in all kashmir history books & travalgues. 

Any one required to go in for may consultant the relevant. This article is just an introduction, written to generate more studies in the unexplained facets of life of this patron saint of Kashmir.


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