( In-nallah ha ma-as saabireen...-  Al Quran)     Patience Pays ....

( In-nallah ha ma-as saabireen...-  Al Quran)     Patience Pays ....

Knowledge and Wisdom By Nazir Ahmad Zargar...

( In-nallah ha ma-as saabireen...-  Al Quran)     Patience Pays ....

Knowledge and Wisdom

By-Dr Nazir Ahmad Zargar  


           Apparently Life if full of sorrows and sufferings. There is probably no human being in the whole human history who has not faced unwanted situations in life. Death of a dear, illness, divorce, poverty, failure, loss of property, disposition of intentions, fear, anxiety, sadness, grief, and what not, are the situations that make life real. Life without these challenges can be nothing but utopia.


            What role does islam as the complete divine guidance play in our life when we are shaken by adversity which is inevitable? Before finding a straight answer to this question let’s first try to learn some science in this regard. In psychology we come across a term ‘cognitive health’ which is an aspect of brain health. It pertains to how well a person thinks, and behaves mentally in different situations. Our brain receives information from the outer world. We need cognition to help us understand that information and then interact safely with our environment. Creative thinking and problem solving is the best response of mind to the situations.


When a person feels somewhat depressed, mentally stressed and finally becomes a patient of depression, what do we normally do? We get him to a psychiatrist who prescribes anti-depressants which do not end the depression directly, but inactivate the mind towards the persistent thought. That means while the environment continues sending problematic information to the mind, the mind does not receive them. This is how the patient feels relieved for sometime. But is this the right solution? The doctors tell us no. For a permanent solution the attention needs to change his mindset while the medicine works for time being. Islam shapes that mindset. what you need to do is to. Communicate with Allah, Who has created you and Who knows all what goes with you which nobody else knows.

for example, offering prayer is the perfect way to communicate with Allah. Through prayer you share all your worries and thoughts of life with Him. If you are worried, leave everything that you are doing and offer Salah. See the relief you will feel.



Although, as has been said above, life is full of suffering, there are more reasons for happiness. In fact difficult times are decisive and differentiating. They show those who are truthful and those who are not (29:3)



the holy Qur’ān puts forth the factors on the basis of which peace of mind can be acquired. These are: (i) Faith and (ii) Righteous deeds. Having faith and belief in Allāh obeying His True Religion on one hand and establishing harmonious relationship with His creation through righteous deeds on the other guarantees prevalence of peace in all spheres of human life. Not only this, but the true worship of Allāh alone and good relationship with all His creation, will surely lead man to eternal peace let alone his own mental peace—when you are at peace with yourself, you will be at peace with others. But the Satan misleads us sometimes and teaches us that our mental peace lies in the material gains for which we always remain tense.

“O you who believe! Enter perfectly in Islām (by obeying all the rules and regulations of the Islamic religion) and follow not the footsteps of Shaitan (Satan).” (2:208)

It is also in a hadīth narrated by Abū Hurayrah that Allāh’s Messenger said:

“Every child is born on Al-Fitrah [true faith of Islāmic Monotheism (i.e. to worship none but Allāh Alone)], but his parents convert him to Judaism or Christianity or Magianism, as an animal gives birth to a perfect baby animal. Do you find it mutilated?”

Thus, according to this hadīth every new born child comes in this world free and with peace; his body and bone submits to his Creator. Then after attaining maturity, he generally does not try to know his Creator but blindly accepts what his parents and his atmosphere tells him. Had he been given opportunity to come across the Guidance of his Creator (the holy Qur’ān) he would have surely succeeded in recognizing his true Lord—Allāh.

Hence submitting to the Will of Allāh is in accordance with man’s own inborn nature. Then if he submits and accepts Islām consciously, which his own body and the whole creation have accepted (involuntarily), he will attain mental peace and will go on the Path of Peace not violating the scheme of things in the universe. Thus the three dimensional harmonious and peaceful relationship between God, man and universe will be established.


TWo things in Islam are very important for protecting yourself from the ill effects of problems you face in your life. These are Sabr (Patience) And Tawakkul (Trust in Allah). In Quran there is usually a close connection between being patiently persisting in doing right and expecting relief or deliverance from Allah. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) is told to be "patient till your Lord decides, for you are in Our sight".





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