Lockdown has broked the backbone of J&K's economy : Philanthropic mindset (Bait ul Maal) is need of the hour...

Lockdown has broked the backbone of J&K's economy :  Philanthropic mindset (Bait ul Maal) is need of the hour...

     Courtesy lockdown the World economies are tumbling down over the reason of being hit badly by the contemporary lockdowns. 

         Although due to Covid it is now a global phenomenon however Kaahmir has been bearing the brunt of these lockdowns from last more than three decades now.  

        The Continues lockdown from August 5 2019, followed by Covid Lockdown has further deteriorated the already ailing economy of Kashmir region. Kashmir Economic Alliance KEA very recently informed media in Srinagar that there has been a terrible impact of the Continues lockdowns from last three years now on the economy of J&K. Hundereds and even thousands of our dejected youth have lost their jobs completely or have witnessed a major Salery cut. Thousands of our daily wagers, transporters, labrors or small business operators have been rendered job less.

            Millions and millions of people have been rendered jobless across the globe and have plunged into poverty within last 20 months now. Covid Pandemic has broked the backbone of most of the giant economics of the world. As people suffer for want of the jobs Islam has the solution in the form of giving alms 'Zakaat' or 'baitul maal' 

          The western countries,including the united state's, are known to us for all the wrong reasons.Unquestionablly ,they do have a number of inadequacies. The mess and disorder around the world ,has, in one or the other way,a western hand in it.But they have been doing a lot of good work as well.Little is known about their virtue and righteousness.In The united state's alone, there are 

 Many billionaires,like Bill gates,Warren Buffet ,and Mark zukerberg ,who have been immensely playing a part for the alleviation of downtrodden and underprivileged.Warren Buffet is a notable philanthropist,who has vowed to give 99% of his fortune to philanthropic causes , mainly through Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.Same is being done by Mark zukerberg. They have been doing it not only in the united states but beyond it's borders as well.The Gates foundation has been doing a lot of social work even in the remote corners of India,helping poor children with their education and healthcare facilities.

Those video clips of people from some areas in south Kashmir, living without food and good shelter,circulating on social media ,some weeks ago,were horrible and hair-raising.I had never imagined that in Kashmir people would be suffering from hunger and malnutrition. In a magazine,more than a decade ago,I had read that Singapore was the richest country in the world,with every household having property of minimum one lakh dollar's.Monthly ,then,I made the calculations that Kashmir too doesn't fall anywhere behind.We too were the richest province in the country, with every household having it's own shelter and nobody starving.Very proudly I would say the same, whenever any discussion erupted anywhere.But those video clips,which some Kashmiri pandit had shared,were shocking.It made me to reassess thing's.It is making me state strongly that at our place too people are made to faint from the lack of food.

Kashmir is a Muslim dominated province and Islam has equipped us with many instruments and rulings to not let anyone die of hunger or stay without a roof over his head.Zakaat and Baitul Maal are some of them.All along we have been hearing a lot about Baitul Maal and zakaat but these instruments seem to be just inscribed on paper's.If we abstain from obeying the letter of the law but not the spirit ,hardly anyone will have to sleep empty stomach . Hardly people will be allowed to sleep in tin sheds.Our Prophet (SAW) has unambiguously instructed us to see if our neighbors have eaten,before we eat or if any of our relatives or neighbors is in trouble.

People of course are contributing, but probably their donations need to be channelized so that the needy and deprived are Lent a helping hand.

The public at time's seem to have apprehensions donating,worried if the their donations end up at the right people.

As of now , Baitul Maal seems to be the most workable and manageable way of helping people at the local levels.

When will kashmiris come around and recover consciousness.We all need to chip in to help the needy and underprivileged. But in way that has the least probability of getting into the hand's of undeserving and fraudsters.


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