Alarming Rise in Suicides in Kashmir : A matter of Concern

Alarming Rise in Suicides in Kashmir : A matter of Concern

Alarming Rise in Suicides in Kashmir : A matter of Concern


        An unprecedented spurt in the number of suicides across Kashmir Valley is an alarming situation in Kashmir valley and a matter of concern for one and all. It is a social evil and threat to mankind and humanity itself as a whole. Suicide estimates suggest fatalities worldwide could rise to 1.5 million by the year 2020.excluding Covid pandemic suicide is the second largest cause of death among people across the globe and it is believed that it will suppress and become the first in the next 10 years(2030) across the globe

Suicide is the slur on society and even UT of JK has not been left untouched by the menace of suicides. It is not unusual to see the reports of suicides in daily newspapers. According to reports of NCRB the erstwhile state recorded a total of 7000 cases between 1990 and 2021.

Depression, anxiety, stress are some factors which leads to suicides

According to research 79%of the urban and rural population in the valley suffers from depression. Suicide is more common in teenagers and youngsters especially females because they are far more sensitive and emotionally weaker than men. They have less tolerance than men. The main question is what are the causes of these suicides, who is responsible for them. What are the factors that leads a person to depression and ultimately to suicide

the growing unemployment, love failures, job instability, child sexual abuse, impulsive personality and even drugs abuse are the casual factors for suicides. Besides that the panic situation created by pandemic cannot be ignored, it creates stress among the people especially young boys and girls. schools were closed, people lost their jobs and drains the wealth as all sources of income were shutdown. It crushes the back of economy of country as well. People remain ideal in their houses and the growing peskiness leads to depression and ultimately to suicide. Experts also blame the eruption of the armed conflict in the valley which has taken heavy toll on lives. Adding that mental health issues can also be contributing factors

However suicides can be prevented d by proper intervention. Parents and teachers should fix the responsibilities on their children so as to prevent the suicides. People just need to do physical and mental exercise regularly and be more social and fulfill hobbies on priority basis, family members need to be more vigilant and try to understand the change in their members. The Govt should also take the steps to minimize the suicide rates. More employment opportunities should be provided to people .Govt organizations and NGO's should do seminars to motivate the people and should aware them about the negative impacts of depression .in short Govt should take every possible step to minimize this alarming suicidal rate.


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