Possible 3rd Wave of Covid-19 and our preparedness to meet any eventuality...

Possible 3rd Wave of Covid-19  and our preparedness to meet any eventuality...

Possible 3rd Wave of Covid-19 and our preparedness to meet any eventuality...

Possible 3rd Wave of Covid-19  and our preparedness to meet any eventuality...



        The UT administration is on tenterhooks to meet any eventuality in wake of possible 3rd wave of COVID-19. Although the LG administration played a laudable role all over the UT to contain the almost out of control situation during the peek of just concluded Second wave. However the good the good thing is that LG himself doesn't want his men and machinery to stay in wait and watch mode. As Mr Sinha himself said that time to relax or rejoice has not yet arrived as COVID is still alive and we are here to fight it tooth and nail. He also continues to guide his team of district administrations not to lower the guard against COVID. 

       Due to the dedicated efforts of the head of UT administration, the lessons learnt and promptly rectified with good results have made the UT administration think ahead of time.

        During the onset of second wave Although initially the J&K UT administration took it lightly and avoided lockdown for quite a longer time. Kept gardens and parks open and invited huge tourist inflow into the Valley. Lastly after a sudden rise in COVID positive cases across the UT the LG administration was left with no option rather than to impose complete restrictions across J&K. 

       However after the restrictions and responsible behaviour of the common masses, we have started comming out of the clutches of second wave. lockdown has been eased out and an apparent slowdown in the fatalities is being witnessed. From last few weeks we are witnessing decrease in Positivity as well as mortality, however we can't attribute this minor decrease to the lockdown only.  

       One thing that can't be ignored is the role of UT administration. It has indeed remained commendable from day one. All the district Magistrates are working on war footing to contain this dreaded disease. Although the LG administration came under severe criticism from the political parties and even the common masses over the scarcity of Covid Vaccines and Oxygen.

        Ahead of any possibility of third wave the administration is on tenterhooks.  Just few days back the administration took a broader review of the preparations to face any eventuality in wake of any surge in the cases. One one had the preparations are on however administration also tries to make the  common masses aware that it is only possible to bear the fruits of their hardwork only when people follow the Covid protocol in letter and spirit.

The administration also informed that it has palaced a abundant orders for Vaccines which is expected to keep J&K on top vis a vis vaccination of the population. There has been more than threefold increase in medical oxygen capacity, achieved in J&K since April 1st.

         Government officially made it clear that the medical oxygen capacity in J&K was 15,000 LPM on April 1, which was increased to more than 70,000 LPM now. Thus the Government has claimed to have augmented the medical oxygen capacity by more than threefold. Prompt efforts by the administration has substantially augmented the capacity and availability of medical oxygen at the health facilities in J&K.

        Brief is to state that government is doing its job well, however it is quite impossible to achieve better results in absence of public participation. Common masses need to understand that it is no way a security situation where government can forcibly ensure Curfew like Situation. However people have to ensure that they follow the instructions in line with Covid protocol and help the administration to contain this pandemic which is definitely in our general interest.


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