GoI gives nod to formation of Village Defense Groups in J&K


GoI gives nod to formation of Village Defense Groups in J&K

Srinagar, March 2: In an apparent bid to revive and strengthen the erstwhile Village Defense Committees (VDCs), the Ministry of Home Affairs India has ordered formation of Village Defense Groups (VDGs) in Jammu and Kashmir.

In this direction, the Under Secretary to the Government of India (MHA) has written communication to the Chief Secretary of JK, informing him that the issue regarding the revised scheme of village defense groups has been examined in the Ministry and a few decisions have been taken.

“The members of the Village Defense Group shall be designated as Village Defense Guard (VDG),” reads the communication.

In more vulnerable areas, the order said, persons (VI category) who shall be leading/ coordinating the VDG would be paid Rs 4,500 per month and other persons (V2 category) who are members of these VDGs on voluntary basis will be paid a uniform rate Rs 4,000 per month.

“VDGs will function under the direction of SP/SSP of the concerned District,” the communication reads.

The revised scheme will, however, be made effective only after apprising the High Court.

“In case of vacancy, the decision to fill up the same will be taken later,” the communication reads underlining that competent authority has approved it.


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