Kashmir’s snow Taj Mahal is no less than a wonder


Kashmir’s snow Taj Mahal is no less than a wonder



Kashmir’s winter land, Gulmarg has recently become home to a stunning snow sculpture replicating the Taj Mahal. In no time, the snow sculpture has become a sensation on social media. The replica of one of the finest wonders of the world is equally beautiful and eye-pleasing. It is the first time in history that something like this has been created in India.


Kashmir’s snow Taj Mahal measures 16 ft in height and is built over an area of 24 by 24 ft. The snow wonder is created by members of the Grand Mumtaz Hotel amid sub-zero temperatures. The creators created the snow wonder in just 17 days. A four-member team was behind the creation of the replica, and nothing but the snow was used to make the snow Taj.


Gulmarg is already a famous skiing destination and is visited by lakhs of adventure seekers and snow lovers from around the world. Just some time back, the beautiful Kashmiri own had surprised the country by just creating the world's largest igloo cafe.


But it seems like Gulmarg is on some kind of surprise-the-WordPress as this year, the pretty town has stunned the world and captured the attention of social media with its unique Taj Mahal snow sculpture.

Several tourists took selfies with the sculpture and shared it on their social media which helped it go viral


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