Multi-specialised Laboratory inaugurated in Bandipora district


Multi-specialised Laboratory inaugurated in Bandipora district


Bandipora, Feb 24: Giving a boost to the private healthcare sector of Bandipora district, a branch of Novolabs have been started in the district.


The specialised molecular biology laboratory has been started by Dr Yawar a local doctor of Bandipora. "This highly technical lab is specialised in all kinds of tests for patients which include thyroid profile, hormone analysis, cancer screening, multiple serology, infection markers etc," Dr Yawar said.


He said the patients will take a sigh of relief as they don’t have to wait for test reports for days. The reports will be available to the patients within 06 hours of testing.


He said that this lab provides an immediate testing facility for the patients.


Earlier, patients have to wait for test reports for so many days as the samples were sent to Srinagar. But now this facility is near to their vicinity, he added.


Dr Yawar further said that we will make continuous efforts to strive for medical excellence for the benefit of the people so that the people of Bandipora could get some relief. "This Lab will cater to the medical needs of the whole Bandiera district and it will be easy for patients to reach this lab on time which can save a lot of precious lives,” he said.


 "The moment I realised how low the standards of healthcare facilities was in Bandipora, I believed it was time for a change", he added.


The setting up of such high tech lab in the Bandipora district is a vigorous and long process and this process of change has just begun.


Novolabs aim at transforming the healthcare system in the best possible ways and making all facilities available at the nearest to the patients.


Lab’s Vision is for better health” by providing comprehensive, high quality international standard laboratory and Radiological diagnosis with a focus on accuracy, high quality and excellent client service to reduce patient-care time.


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