Rising drug abuse cause of concern: JKAP district president Bandipora


Rising drug abuse cause of concern: JKAP district president Bandipora

Bandipora, 07 Mar:The rising number of drug overdose deaths in Kashmir is a cause of concern, the JKAP parties Bandipora president Syed Shafaat Kazmi said.

“Deaths due to drug overdose is a reality in Kashmir. We need facilities that can work round the clock to treat drug disorders in the Valley”, President JKAP Bandipora said in a statement.

He said the news stories about drug overdose deaths making rounds has become a daily affair with scores of those involved in the substance abuse landing into drug addiction centres or hospitals.

The JKPA president said that the rot had consumed the young population of Kashmir, closing curtains on their bright careers and future.

The President said that though the government and police were acting tough to curb the menace, a lot was needed to be done for the youth to protect them from falling into the trap.


He said the government's policy should be to get youth involved in sports and other healthy activities and keep them from remaining idle which is the triggering point and potential cause for them to get involved in drug abuse.

With the unemployment rate also shooting up, the President said that such avenues and job opportunities should be made available for the youth which can help them earn their genuine livelihood.


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